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Yearly membership includes unlimited name meaning certificates and can be purchased for
less than the cost of parking your car for one day!

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"I've already given out three name certificate gifts and each one has been a huge hit! You could charge ten times what you do!"
~Shane Davison
"I just printed my own name certificate for my hallway and I just wanted to say that it's absolutely fantastic. I'm going back right now to create one for my husband. Thank you so much."
~Erica Jensen

Brand New! Two Names -- One Certificate. Membership now includes a special love-match name certificate -- two names and meanings on one certificate that includes an astrological love-match profile. Perfect for Weddings and Anniversaries! Click here to view a sample.

Each name certificate includes the name, name meaning, name origin, birth date, birth stone, astrological star sign, and star sign profile. Give them as gifts or just hang them on your wall, once a member, you will be able to create unlimited name certificates. Learn how by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Membership

Purchase your own “names in frames” membership for just $7.95 (only 8 bucks) and log in with your own unique username and password.

Step 2: Create Name Certificates

Type in the name and select the birthdate of the person you are creating the certificate for. Just hit the “create” button and your ready-to-print name certificate will instantly be created.

Step 3: Print and Frame

Simply print your newly created name certificate with your home printer, and frame it. (And feel free to return to step 2 at any time!)

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Sample Name Certificate Creation

What you see here is an exact duplicate of what you will get once a member, but these sample name certificates will have "sample" written across them and they are also a low quality format. Once a member you will get access to unlimited 300 dpi full quality printable name certificates.


First Name:

Birth Date:

Type your own


*Sample certificate is lower quality

If you aren't looking for name certificates and just simply looking for names and meanings, click here to go to Name Meanings.